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Genomcore, la transformación de la medicina a partir de la genética

Una plataforma por la gestión de datos biomédicos y genéticos para hacer avanzar la medicina personalizada y de precisión.


BIHUB invierte en la empresa Made of Genes

El objetivo es cocrear un sistema de inteligencia artificial para analizar variables moleculares y biomédicas que ayude a los y las deportistas de élite a optimizar su rendimiento


Genomcore at Boston 2023 (Tv3)

Genomcore shines at BioBoston 2023 and takes center stage on TV3 during #BIO2023. Showcasing pioneering achievements in Personalized Medicine


Genomcore receive the visit of the VP of the Spanish Government

Genomcore welcomed VP Nadia Calviño to their offices, where they discussed ongoing projects funded by the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan. The visit highlighted Genomcore’s commitment to advancing personalized medicine and genomic innovation in Spain.


Genomcore: pinnacle of success in International Expansion

VP and Co-founder, Miquel A. Bru Angelats, spotlighted in Video by ICEX. Discover our Global Journey through UAE and USA.


Genomcore Empowers Women: Radio Kapital Celebrates International Women's Day

Radio Kapital Spotlights Montse Pardo, Gloria Duran, Gina Farrús, Elsa Giménez Buendía, and Diana Dinu on International Women’s Day


Genomcore and DIPCAN transform metastatic cancer treatment in Spain

Revolutionizing metastatic cancer treatment: DIPCAN study empowers patients with free genomic analysis and AI insights from 2000 participants


Genomcore raises one million euros from Europe for cancer treatment

Genomcore has raised nearly one million euros from European Next Generation funds for the development of a project to implement personalized medicine solutions for metastatic cancer patients.

Genomcore raises 919,610 euros of Next Generation funds for personalized medicine

Genomcore has raised €919,610 in Next Generation funds for the development of a project to implement personalized medicine solutions for cancer patients with metastases.

Biotechnology to create a personalized health and genetics business model

Made of Genes / Genomcore aims to revolutionize personalized health by combining lifelong clinical analysis with biogenetics, focusing on preventing diseases rather than diagnosing them.

Genomcore: its model is unique in the world

Genomcore / Made of Genes offers a unique genetic testing model that allows users to sequence their DNA once and store the information permanently, providing a comprehensive and accessible personal biological encyclopedia for proactive health management.