Collaborative multimodal data platform for drug discovery and clinical validation

Genomcore offers a suite of tools and features for clinical and biomedical researchers, including access to a unified multimodal datastore, automated data processing pipelines, advanced reporting and visualization tools, and compliant data management with integrated governance.


Biomedical researchers handle large and complex datasets from diverse sources alongside personal sensitive data. These datasets require integration and analysis, often in a collaborative manner, to identify potential drug targets, validate drug safety and efficacy, and develop precision medicine approaches.

Genomcore’s Unified Multimodal Datastore (UMD) provides a centralized platform to capture, manage, integrate, and analyze these multi-speciality datasets,  streamlining workflows and collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and other stakeholders, minimizing the risk of errors and expediting the research process.


Acquiring patient data is a complex and time-consuming process that often involves multiple sources, manual data collection, and can result in data fragmentation, duplication, and errors. These challenges can lead to incomplete or inaccurate patient information, hindering biomedical research efforts. Genomcore’s Interface Builder simplifies real-time patient data acquisition. With this streamlined approach, patient information accuracy and completeness are ensured, ultimately enhancing patient interaction and accelerating biomedical research efforts.


Biomedical researchers often face challenges in utilizing their data to make data-driven decisions and accelerate research efforts due to a lack of specialized technical knowledge to analyze and extract meaningful insights. Genomcore’s Platform Engine simplifies data science and visualization tasks. With pre-built analysis pipelines and user-friendly interfaces, researchers can create custom machine learning algorithms and visualization dashboards to extract actionable insights from their data and accelerate research efforts.


When it comes to data governance, biomedical researchers face numerous challenges such as data silos, standardization, security, privacy, collaboration, quality, and regulatory compliance. Genomcore's MDP provides a simplified solution to data governance and interoperability, resulting in increased data traceability and observability of the user activity.

Learn more about Genomcore’s Compliance and Security:

  • Fine-grain permission system and roles
  • Built-in Personal Identifiable Information (PII) management
  • Certification and support for IVD and SaMD
  • ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 certifications
  • Data management and security controls in USA and EU