Biomedical Information Management System

Genomcore BIMS is a modern information management system to capture, store, process, analize and deliver results from biomedical and healthcare data, designed for the era of personalized medicine

Let’s get personal

Personalized medicine requires rethink how we interact with patients. It’s time to shift from different purpose-driven softwares into an integrated patient-centric platform capable to manage complex biomedical workflows at once.

Genomcore BIMS provides a clinical-grade tool to store and process at scale highly sensitive, personally identifiable, health-related data with the most strictest compliance criteria.



Keep control of your processes and gobern your data

Run your CE-IVD algorithms in a secure enviroment, request feedback from your clinical trial patients in compliant way or integrate familiar risks into a genetic study. Genomcore BIMS enables hundreds of custom proceses used in diagnostics or clinical research into a single endpoint.

With Genomcore BIMS, you are the sole owner of your data, and you can stablish granular access policies to your collaborators, providers and patients.

Designed for security and compliance

Genomcore platform and associated processes have been designed with focus on security and compliance, supporting highly sensitive applications under HIPAA, GDPR or CE-IVD regulations for managing biomedical and health-related, personal data. Our certified quality and security processes enable the fast-track certification of medical software and support most stringent data management plans for clinical researchers, pharma industry or healthcare providers.

ISO 9001

ISO 13485

ISO 27001

ISO 27017

ISO 27018


GDPR Ready




CE-IVD Ready


Genomcore integrates different ERP/LIMS/CMS features to enable seamsless, end-to-end use cases for life-sciences and healthcare professionals, increasing data visibility, findings observability, delivery efficiency and improving patients’ relationships channels.


An end-to-end solution for the medicine of the future present

Discover how Genomcore technology fuels the innovation behind Made of Genes, allowing an automatized integration of DNA and Biochemical results from the lab, massive data processing, automatic reporting and delivery of on-line genetic counseling to patients through App frontend.


– Secure File Storage

– Hybrid Data Modeling

– Big Data Analytics

– High Throughtput Computing

– Pipelines & Workflows

– Genomic Variant Classification

– Frontdesk

— Branded App

— Patient accounts

— Consent Management

— Videoconference

— End-user data entry

— Results Delivery


– Genomics

– Diagnostic Providers

– Pharma & Clinical Research

– Patient Management

– Health Insurers

– Telemedicine

– IVR (?)


– Use Cases

– White Papers

– Knowledge Base

– Support Center

– Consulting




“El Pont d’Esplugues” award to business impact

The City Council of Esplugues de Llobregat has awarded the prize «The Pont d'Esplugues» in the category of Business Impact to Genomcore / Made of Genes for its innovative activity and its associated impact on the health of people. Genomcore / Made of Genes...

Genomcore is considered to be one of the most promising start-ups in Spain

Recently, two small business magazines, Emprendedores and Guía de inversión para startups have identified Genomcore / Made of Genes among the most innovative and promising start-ups in Spain. The article featured in Emprendedores recognizes that Genomcore’s model, the...

Genomcore obtains ISO 27001 certification

From January 2018, the company holds a very exclusive certification with international recognition regarding Information security management systems.

Genomcore granted SME Phase I for the development of a genetic security framework

Genomcore has been awarded a SME Instrument Phase I by the European Commission. 

Genomcore joins Etisalat to create Genome Databank in Dubai

Genomcore has been selected to join Dubai Future Accelerators and signed an MoU with Etisalat to deploy a National Genome Databank in Dubai.

MIT Tech Review awards Oscar Flores as an Innovator Under 35

The prestigious publication MIT Tech Review has awarded Dr. Oscar Flores, CEO of Genomcore, the recognition Innovator Under 35.

TEDxBarcelona by Oscar Flores

“Your DNA, is it really yours?” has been the topic of the TEDxBarcelona where our CEO explained Genomcore’s vision of how privacy and data ownership affects genomics.

We have won IBM Startups Connect!

We have been proclaimed winners of IBM’s digital start-ups competition, the Startup Connect.

Wayra selects Genomcore to join Telefonica Open Future

Genomcore ha sido seleccionada para unirse a la prestigiosa academia de aceleración Wayra de Telefonica Open Future, la cual provee 100.000€ y servicios en especie.

Genomics by Genomcore

Do you know what genomics is? How it can be applied? The challenges it must face? We explain it in our first corporate video!

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