Genomcore Healthcare

Personal genome databank for precise and personal medicine

We propose a model where patients have their exome/genome sequenced and this information is used during all their life to deliver them different specific reports, services or analysis tailored to their unique biology

One genome, endless possibilities

With the rise of genetic testing we face unprecedented challenges regarding complexity, sustainibility and privacy of existing healthcare models. We need to rethink the traditional one-fits-all model to accomodate new prevention, diagnosis and stratification based on molecular insights of the patient, but at the same time keep the associated costs under control without compromising the privacy of users.

With Genomcore Healthcare, organizations can offer to their patients a unique model based on sequencing their whole exome / genome once and re-use this information during their life by incluing it in different reports, tests and services delivered in a cost-effective manner, with total privacy and avoiding incidental findings.

Virtual NGS panel

We propose a cost-effective model based on substituting focused genetic tests for large scale exome / genome sequencing experiments. However, we don’t believe in the usefulness to interpret this information all at once. Instead, we provide a tool to extract only the minimum set of genetic sequences and markers required for a particular analysis, avoiding incidental findings and easing the reporting of relevant insights both for the clinician and the patient.

An integrated solution for all the stakeholders

Clinical genetics involves different roles with different needs. Genomcore Healthcare integrates in a single solution three diferent front-ends for Customers, the Medical team and the Analysis team, providing a seamless workflow between them to efficiently authorize, analyse, review and deliver clinical reports


Manage your associated services from a single screen. Allow access to 3rd parties mantaining total control and tracking of your privacy

Medical Team

Approve service requests from your patients and share this data with the Analysis team. Review and deliver the results to the patient in a single click

Analysis Team

Leverage your know-how by automatizing the inbound requests and processing of data. Use the integrated pipelines or upload your custom PDF

Privacy first using a unique propietary method

As you do, we like to put patients first. We believe in real patient empowerment through data control and traceability, enabling total privacy and security for the most personal data one could ever have. Anyone else focus in genetic privacy as much as we do, this is why we created the technology

It’s all about data governance

On premises, on the cloud or with a hybrid approach, the Genomcore platform is flexible to adapt the specific needs of your company. HIPAA compliance, ISO certification and military grade encryption are just a proof of how seriously we take this business


Use our secure cloud to store and analyze your data, with  total scalability in a pay-per-use model


Use your organization’s datacenter or existing private cloud for storing and processing


Use both our cloud and your existing infrastructure to meet your unique security requirements

Integrated with Genomcore Biomed

A powerful infrastructure for personalized medicine and knowledge generation

Genomcore Healthcare is built on top of Genomcore Biomed, combining a powerful and flexible bioinformatics framework used by scientists with the specific use cases of the healthcare sector

Leverage the workflow automatitzation to deliver test results in just one click

Convert the clinical records from your HIS to semi-structured metadata suitable for research

Request a legal binding, on-line informed consent to your patients to join biomedical studies

Use cases

Genomcore Healthcare is used by healthcare professionals to deliver personalized medicine services to their patients.

The award winning Made of Genes model is built over the Genomcore Healthcare platform, allowing the delivery of multiple genomic services

Use Case: Personal genomics service by Made of Genes

Made of Genes is an award-winning personal genomics company who features a disruptive model of data ownership and re-used based on Genomcore.

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