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Outsourced bioinformatics and genetic counseling service

Genomic medicine faces the lack of specific know-how in the new generation of molecular techniques and patient care. In Genomcore Health Services we put our expertise at your disposition to bring your products and services to a next level.

Consider us your own bioinformatics and genetic counseling unit

Genetic Counseling & Bioinformatics are relatively new disciplines for the diagnostics sector, but the growing size of data generated by NGS experiments makes these roles essential for the effective implementation of precision medicine. At Genomcore, we offer you our team of professionals to add a unique value to your solutions.


Our Bioinformaticiens are professionals trained both in life sciences and data analysis techniques and are experts in dealing with massive -omics datasets.

Genetic counseling

Our Genetic Counselors are experts in iterviewing patients to collect their history, evaluate their pedigree and provide information and support.

We have different collaboration models with our customers, specially designed to cover different common needs of diagnostic laboratories, healthcare providers and clinical researchers. Scroll down to learn more about the different models.

Private label bioinformatics

We offer you the possibility to include an outsourced, professional bioinformatics support to different molecular services developed in your organization, empowering your customers with expert hands proficient in navigating huge genomic datasets and annotation databases.

Notice this is a business-to-business-to-business (B2B2B) service. Genomcore does not offer counseling direct to users.

Private label genetic counseling

Genetic counseling and pre-/post- interviews are an essential part of genetic testing. We offer you the possibility to outsource us the relations with your patients, freeing your team from the necessary but most time-consuming part of any genetic test: collect patient’s history, identify specific risks and evaluate pedigree tree, so you can focus on high-added value experimental and interpretation tasks.

Notice this is a business-to-business-to-customer (B2B2C) service. Genomcore does not offer counseling direct to users.

Custom bioinformatics R&D

Our team combines engineers and scients with extensive experience in web development, high performance computing and multiple “omics” specialities. Now, you have all this multidisciplinary expertise at your service to develop your own NGS analysis pipelines, implement your custom annotation database and create companion webtools to support your products.

Professional report curation

Usually, automatic reports are a cost-effective way to deliver results, but in some cases, providing a correct identification and annotation of results requires a manual curation. With our curation service, you can delegate this time-consuming task to our clinical bioinformaticiens and genetic counselors that will work toghether with you in the fine processing, manual curation and preparation of recomendations of clinical molecular studies.

A complete genomic medicine framework for health providers

Technology Stack + Health Services = Quality and cost efficent genomic medicine

Genomcore Technology Stack is a cross-cutting solution to allow a compliant and cost-effective implementation of large scale genomics medicine in health care settings. With it, we provide an integrated solution to the needs of diagnosis laboratories, genetic counselors, doctors and patients.

Genomcore Biomed: Collaborative, flexible & compliant bioinformatics hybrid infrastructure


Genomcore Healthcare: Personal genome management and genetic counseling platform Transactional solution for consenting access to sensitive data

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