Transactional solution for consenting access to sensitive data

We introduce a unique, patent-pending system where users can have total control of how their data is used via the electronic signature of a legal-binding informed consent everytime a third-party requests access to their encrypted data

Informed consent and electronic Signature

Informed consent by the patient is a key element for genetic testing and health care in general. EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires the explicit consent of the user before storing his or her personal data. We anticipated all this challenges and created an all-in-one solution for legal-binding electronic signature of informed consents, creating an agile framework for delivering of genetic analysis

Patent-pending military grade encryption

Encripting data is easy. The challenge is to encrypt datasets of hundreds of gigabytes in at the same time that the user is the only person able to decrypt it. patent-pending technology provides a secure and efficient customer-centric encryption model that enables the creation and back-up of access keys

Your genome is yours

Sadly, many genomic analysis companies make money from their customer’s most precious data, their DNA. Genomcore does not exploit, sell, cease or makes money from user’s data. In fact, with the system we don’t even have access to this data. This is a good thing, because if we cannot access it without your intervention, neither hackers or unautorized parties can

Blockchain powered, Smart Contract ready transactions are registered using both a traditional centralized certification authority and a distributed blockchain for additional integrity and robustness. This even enables the creation of Smart Contracts based on the blockchain if you require them integration with Genomcore Healthcare

A powerful infrastructure for personalized medicine and knowledge generation is used by Genomcore Healthcare to manage and authorize the service requests and informed consents associated to every report delivered

100% compliant request and delivery of clinical reports

Paper-less transactions. Sign them wherever you are with your smartphone

Convenient channel for requesting new services and re-using the data for biomedical research

Use cases

Empowering users with their health data is used to keep our most personal information safe and is fully integrated with Genomcore Healthcare.

Outside of the Genomcore platform, is used by third parties to retrieve the informed consents of their users and ensure their privacy.

Use case: Saluscoop, citizen cooperative of health data it is a framework driven by citizens for the governance and management of health records. The purpose of this model to legitimize citizens' rights in the control of their own health records while making data sharing easier in order to accelerate research...
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