An approach to sustainable precision medicine

May 18, 2018 | Studies, White Paper

Title: [Spanish] An approach to sustainable precision medicine. Proposal for creating a national genome databank

Language: Spanish

Publication Date: May 2018

Authors: Miquel Angel Bru, Diana Roldan, Daniela Cortasa, Miquel Rámia (Genomcore)

Keywords: Genomics, Precision medicine, Personalized medicine, Clinical actionability, Deployment plan, Technological Framework, Data protection, National healthcare system 




To improve society’s wellbeing through optimization of healthcare systems is one of the topmost priorities of any government. Today, we have more budget allocation tan ever towards welfare improvement, so it’s imperative to also search for solutions to make it cost-effective.

Precision medicine adapts medical treatments to the unique characteristics of each patient, tailored to their specific needs that help to deliver preventive actions, more precise and quick diagnosis and more effective therapies. However, the biology of individuals is not completely independent since inhabitants of the same region usually share a common genetic-pool. That’s one of the reasons some governments have started large scale population sequencing efforts.

Most of these projects rely on massive gathering of genomic data originated essentially in research institutions. Very few countries decided on a more clinical approach, using this data to extract actionable information for the citizens and, eventually, generating new knowledge with even more impact in the fields of applied genomics and medicine.

However, sequencing costs, genetic data storage, high computational needs, secure data sharing in multidisciplinary knowledge-generation endeavors and data privacy, are the challenges to resolve for a socially impactful and cost-efficient implementation of precision and genomic medicine.

Spain has already gathered data in various excellence institutions for some years. Therefore, with this document we aim to present evidence and deepen into the convenience of developing the proper technological framework to create the first Spanish Genomic Data Bank. We detail a 3-step plan to tackle immediate implementation, using already available data, and also middle and long-term growth and sustainability of the system. With that, the National Healthcare System can incorporate precision medicine more efficiently, overcoming any technological, ethical and legal barrier.

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