Towards a personalized and sustainable medicine

Apr 19, 2018 | Studies, White Paper

This is an article part of the publication “Transformació Digital i Intel·ligencia Artificial, Cap a un model eficient i Equitatiu” published by El Colegi de Economistes de Catalunya. ISBN 978-84-09-04059-9

Title: [Spanish] An approach to sustainable precision medicine. Proposal for creating a national genome databank

Language: Spanish

Publication Date: May 2018

Authors: Miquel Angel Bru, Diana Roldan, Daniela Cortasa, Miquel Ràmia (Genomcore)

Keywords: Genomics, Precision medicine, Personalized medicine, Clinical actionability, Data protection, National healthcare system 



An ongoing paradigm shift towards evidence-based medicine, thanks to genomics and other molecular data, is allowing more personalized approaches, helping development of unique preventive actions, precise diagnosis and more effective therapies.

This new paradigm is especially relevant nationwide, since it allows focusing effort and resources in the right direction, creating optimal healthcare policies, enabling citizen’s improvements on wellbeing and raising the cost-efficiency ratio of the healthcare system.

Proof of the benefits of approaching this issue nationwide is to look at the countries that had already started population sequencing projects, analyzing both the economic and wellbeing implications of such initiatives. In this report we detail the most relevant ongoing national genomic projects, as well with an analysis of the most actionable clinical areas that already benefit from these new technologies.

With this review, we highlight the approach to precision medicine not only as a necessary project to ensure health system sustainability, but also as an investment that could grant adaptability towards present and future socio-economic needs.

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