Dubai, United Arab Emirates. March 30th 2017 – Genomcore has been selected to join the 2nd edition of the Dubai Future Accelerators programme, an initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation.

This unique programme connects the world’s most innovative companies with the government of Dubai to create breakthrough solutions to global challenges. The Dubai Future Accelerators programme partners with ground-breaking companies from around the world and give them the opportunity to find and test new solutions to real-life challenges using the city of Dubai as a living test bed. The first programme, which ended in December 2016, resulted in US $33M in commercial partnerships, MoU’s and pilot projects in just three months.

Three members of Genomcore joined the telecom leader Etisalat to work in the improvement of chronic disease management of UAE patients. Chronic management linked to ageing of the population is a global priority and will be the primary change driver in health systems all around the world. In fact, 860 Million people suffer from one or more chronic condition such as Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD or Heart failure, representing the 75% of the overall healthcare budget. In the UAE, the annual national expenditure for the treatment of diabetes patients is AED 3.82B (~USD 1B) and grows 15% per year.


Dr. Oscar Flores, Dr. Laura Isús and Marc Sitges in the Dubai Future Accelerators’ offices


The information coded in our DNA is the blueprint of our biology and is a central pillar of the personalised medicine. This new dogma in medicine changes the current “one-size-fits-all” approach to delivering a custom healthcare tailored to the needs of the patient. For example, the study of the genetic predisposition and the personalised treatment enabled by genetic screening can be used to prevent 20% of new diabetes cases or avoid 70% of the emergencies related to drug-treatment side effects for patients who suffered a cardiovascular accident.

Although genetic testing has been in wide use since the early 80’s, the Genomcore approach is unique as it reduces the need of multiple sampling for performing different tests by using high throughput technologies.

“We provide a framework where users can sequence their DNA once in a lifetime and store this information forever. It’s like a personal biological encyclopaedia where you keep this DNA sequence online, and you access it only when it’s relevant to solve a specific question regarding your health,” says Dr Oscar Flores, CEO and co-founder of Made of Genes. “Made of Genes is like an App Store for genetics where third-parties can develop their analysis solutions and deliver them to the patients and healthcare professionals in a very efficient way”, he adds.

“For those with vision and drive to face the challenges of the future and create innovative solutions, we have launched the Dubai Future Accelerators,” said H.E. Abdulla bin Touq, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation. “We warmly welcome this next round of companies to work with our leading government bodies and to use our city as a living test bed for new technologies.”.

As an outcome of this program, Genomcore and Etisalat signed a MoU to jointly deploy the technology in the UAE and foster an ambitious National Genome Databank in the frame of the Emirati Genome Project.


Dr. Oscar Flores, CEO of Genomcore (right) and Saleh Abdullah Al Abdooli, CEO of Etisalat (left) sign the Memorandum of Understanding in the presence of His Highness Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai (center).