SOLTI is a non-profit organization dedicated to clinical research in breast cancer. Established in 1995, it has more than 250 researchers, as well as more than 60 hospitals along Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. SOLTI join forces to develop clinical trials with agents against targets and incorporate translational research in all the projects involved. There are more than 40 people working at SOLTI’s main offices. In Barcelona headquarters work more than 40 professionals. SOLTI is supported by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM).

Genomcore gives support on the clinical studies performed by SOLTI, specially the molecular screening programme AGATA launched in 2014. AGATA is a pioneer platform in Spain to refer advanced breast cancer patients based on their molecular profile. Currently, 10 Spanish hospitals and 2 labs are part of the project, meaning that any patient regardless of geographic location, can access to this service.

To carry out these recommendations, the DNA mutational changes and clinical records of each patient are analyzed. Based on this information, the outcomes are evaluated by an expert committee. And along with the oncologist, the best treatment or clinical trial is identified for each case. Besides, AGATA analysis the information retrospectively at other levels in order to know if the data integration could modify the specialists recommendation.

Dr. Oscar Flores (left) and Dr. Aleix Prats (right) in a TV interview for the TV3 program “El dia de demà”

The challenge of integrating and managing data, jointly with the need of sharing them on a taylor-made solution, motivated the collaboration between SOLTI and Genomcore.

The clinical research sector has very high demands, requiring many resources. But we have decided to extend our services and offer a 360º proposal value, both for users and entities. We are very proud that our technologies help to improve groups as SOLTI improve the patient’s health and wellness significantly through the medicine of the future”, Dr. Oscar Flores Made of Genes CEO.


Unlike other bioinformatics platforms, Genomcore Biomed focuses on flexibility and adaptability to each research group needs, offering Made of Genes users the possibility to benefit from biomedical research, a common goal by the data sharing driven by SOLTI.

The high translational component from SOLTI studies, have generated the need to collaborate with computational platforms that help us manage a huge amount of molecular data in a flexible and secure manner. With this initiative, we are generating a research tool with high potential. That will help to address concerns of clinical concerns, and increase our knowledge on biology. Also, because of the SOLTI collaborative nature, this data base will be available for all our researchers, whether they are academic groups or translational researchers”. Dr. Aleix Prat, SOLTI Scientific Committee Coordinator.