Genomcore end user’s Brand, Made of Genes, has launched a pioneer model based on obtaining the user’s genome for further uses, only once. This means that it is no longer necessary to perform biochemical analysis whenever having a question, but with only one analysis all the necessary genomic information can be obtained for the user’s lifetime. It’s like having a personal encyclopedia that can be checked out when having specific questions. And since our genome doesn’t change, this can be possible.

The DNA sequencing price is between 649€ – 3.999€, varying on the sequencing regions and depth. In this process, Made of Genes reads the complete sequence of more than 20.000 genes as well as other regions. The information is stored and the user is be able to re-use it as many times as necessary. By way of comparison, a specific genetic test from a traditional lab for testing 20 genetic markers may cost between 250€ – 800€.

In order to guarantee a proper use and privacy, the information is always considered user’s property; being the only one that authorizes uses through electronic signature and informed consents on Blockchain technology. Made of Genes has also applied for a patent concerning data encryption and recovery method: Your Genome is Yours. This method is based on a multi-key ensuring that only the user can decrypt and access such information, or recover the information in case of losing password. Privacy is Made of Genes’ focus. And unlike other services, we don’t sell neither use our user’s information.


Genomcore’s technology

The genomic data bank and Made of Genes marketplace are based on Genomcore Healthcare, as well as encryption system and electronic signature


Made of Genes saliva collection kit and Marketplace