Genomcore has recently joined Wayra, a world-leading start-up accelerator programme from Telefónica, after a thorough selection procedure involving hundreds of companies from all around the world.

Genomcore’s mission is to create a framework so that anyone can have supervised access to their genomic information, through a secure channel connecting end users, physicians, researchers and other professionals. The company’s value proposition is to offer individuals the possibility to obtain their own genome. Unlike other services based on partial genotyping through low-cost technologies (like DNA microchips), Genomcore provides a service based on full genome sequencing. This approach – not exempted from technical complexity- empowers much more sophisticated methods than partial genotyping.

Genomcore team in Wayra’s workplace

A revolutionary model

Genomcore offers its clients the possibility to obtain and keep total control over their genetic data, along with other services. Such services range from healthcare to product customization by the readings of markers that define biological differences.

Genomcore evaluates third parties products and services at an ethical and cientific stage, offering the client an information channel and protection against fraudulent or hazardous uses.

Privacy, reliability and security

Genomcore’s model put its clients privacy and security above any other variable; meaning Genomcore will never access or transfer such data without the client’s explicit consent. The security level is so extreme that makes data impossible to be red if the client has not given explicit consent.

Technical complexity

The sequencing process of only one human genome, has more than 3.500 millions of base pairs. This represent handling more than 500 gigabytes of information per client. This is why high-performance computational solutions are needed, as well as fast and secure information channels.

The Genomcore platform is designed as a hybrid cloud. The client’s data is hosted at our own data centre supported by external services from trusted providers. This makes data analysis and interpretation easier even for personnel without advanced computing skills.


Genomcore team photoshoot in Wayra’s Office


Wayra’s acceleration programme and synergies with Telefónica

Genomcore will be participating in Wayra’s acceleration programme for one year. The programme includes funding and services such as UX advice, design, networking opportunities with investors, and a privileged working space at the Telefonica tower in Barcelona.

During the acceleration programme, Genomcore will benefit from Wayra’s resources while designing a solution to one of the main health challenges of the next years: an easier development of genomic analysis in hospitals and in the market.

Launching and availability

Genomcore sequencing services will be launched in the Spanish market by the end of the summer, along with the professional users platform.

Genomic nowadays

In 2015, Thompson Reuters published the forecast “The world in 2025”, foreseeing the 10 topics that will reshape the world as we know it today; being the DNA mapping at birth one of the disruptive events in the next decade.

The DNA sequence provides risk assessment regarding inherited conditions, treatments based on personalized medicine or pharmacogenomics. Beyond the clinical field, some companies are already offering personalized services based on the interpretation of genomic markers, with high value propositions on diets, cosmetics, wellness, ancestry or artistic uses.

There are different ways of reading the genomic information contained in our genome, which may vary according to type of analysis, from a few to several hundreds of Euros.

Nowadays, DNA microchips analysis (a relatively low cost technology, that enables the massive interrogation of the dispersed portions in the genome) are quite popular. However, NGS technology gives the ultimate answer to genomic analysis.

The full genome sequence or the portions of the encoding gene sequence (exome) enable detection of mutations or complex DNA alterations with great quality and resolution.


About Wayra

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