The first framework for transactional genomics

Privacy-first, collaborative framework to obtain, store and analyze large sets of biomedical data with focus on healthcare and clinical research applications

The first framework

for transactional


Privacy-first, collaborative framework to obtain, store and analyze large sets of biomedical data with focus on healthcare and clinical research applications

ISO 27001 certified hybrid cloud for collaborative bioinformatics

Personal Genome Databank for healthcare organizations

Proprietary solution for privacy, encryption and consent collection.

We provide a flexible and compliant bioinformatics solution for diagnosis laboratories and biomedical researchers, enabling an all-in-one solution for massive data storage, analysis and automatitzation

We offer to healthcare sector companies the possibility to deploy and manage their own customizable Personal Genome Databank, enabling the secure and efficient delivery of precision medicine services to their customers

Our patent-pending solution for privacy-first, secure and compliant transactional genomics, involving a fine control over the data ownership, a unique encryption method and electronic informed consent for data re-use

Genomcore obtains ISO 27001 certification

From January 2018, the company holds a very exclusive certification with international recognition regarding Information security management systems.

Genomcore granted SME Phase I for the development of a genetic security framework

Genomcore has been awarded a SME Instrument Phase I by the European Commission. 

Use case: Saluscoop, citizen cooperative of health data it is a framework driven by citizens for the governance and management of health records. The purpose of this model to legitimize citizens' rights in the control of their own health records while making data sharing easier in order to accelerate research...

Genomcore joins Etisalat to create Genome Databank in Dubai

Genomcore has been selected to join Dubai Future Accelerators and signed an MoU with Etisalat to deploy a National Genome Databank in Dubai.

Use Case: Multicentric clinical trial for advanced breast cancer treatments

SOLTI chose Genomcore Biomed to store and collaboratively analyze molecular data in a clinical trial involving 12 reference hospitals in Spain.

MIT Tech Review awards Oscar Flores as an Innovator Under 35

The prestigious publication MIT Tech Review has awarded Dr. Oscar Flores, CEO of Genomcore, the recognition Innovator Under 35.

Use Case: Personal genomics service by Made of Genes

Made of Genes is an award-winning personal genomics company who features a disruptive model of data ownership and re-used based on Genomcore.

TEDxBarcelona by Oscar Flores

“Your DNA, is it really yours?” has been the topic of the TEDxBarcelona where our CEO explained Genomcore’s vision of how privacy and data ownership affects genomics.

We have won IBM Startups Connect!

We have been proclaimed winners of IBM’s digital start-ups competition, the Startup Connect.

Wayra selects Genomcore to join Telefonica Open Future

Genomcore ha sido seleccionada para unirse a la prestigiosa academia de aceleración Wayra de Telefonica Open Future, la cual provee 100.000€ y servicios en especie.

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